What Is Ynterview.com?
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What Is Ynterview.com?

As SEOs we are still in desperate need for backlinks. In summer 2013 we decided to add our legacy to industry and came with this creative solution. We like to read inspiring ideas which are going to change the world and you like quality linking opportunities. That’s how Ynterview.com was born.

Ynterview.com can be described as space for product (project, startup, website, company…) promotion by form of self-interview. Every submitted, approved and published interview gets at least 3 backlinks.

How Does It Work?

1. Step: Fill up and Submit Interview Form

nterview form consist from several prepared questions. We tried to compose them as universal as possible. Some have slightly same meaning so you can choose to fill up those which fit you best to create smooth and harmonic text. You can add also your own questions. After form submission, you will receive account verification email. So please don’t forget to click on that link.

2. Step: Admin review

In this step, we are making sure that interview meets our content policy. We don’t like content which is:

  • shorter than 500 words
  • not written in good English grammar; we can understand not native speakers but proofreading cost just few bucks
  • no adult or no copyright infringement websites

All actual conditions are above “submit new interview” form. Only posts which meet our content policy will be published.

3. Step: Publishing

You will receive email notification about result of admin review. If there is everything alright, your ideas will be published and you get free promotion. If there is anything wrong, you will receive list of points which need to be corrected before resubmit.

What value you will receive?

  • – you will improve your PR skills
  • – your product gets promotion on solid website
  • – your website will receive at least 3 dofollow, juicy backlinks:
    • 1 from category preview
    • 1 from space below summary
    • 1 on your own keywords directly from question/answer part
    • if your post will be interesting enough – bingo – backlink from front page
  • – everything is absolutely free

In conclusion

You have just read concept of Ynterview.com in jan. 2014. Make sure you added Ynterview.com to your SEO checklist and stay connected (@ynterview).

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