Online automatic translation tools for Slovak and English language
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Online automatic translation tools for Slovak and English language

List of tools for online automatic translation of Slovak-English language pair:


Best option so far. Google is widely used in Slovakia so their system is well fed and can be used for reliable translations from Slovak to English. Since Slovak language is very hard to learn, opposite direction (English → Slovak) usually ends with funny results and often needs corrections.

2., Russian search engine, has tool for automatic translation, too. There is also Slovak-English pair available. When you need to be sure for some translation, can be used as double check after


Third tool which can be used for bulk translation is, Microsoft search engine. It has good results when you are translating a single word (but may be that they improved since this article was written).

English – Slovak online vocabularies

Additionally, these are 4 vocabularies which can be used during translation between Slovak and English language:

PC programs for off-line translation

There are 2 main programs available for off-line translation. First is “Lingea” – I use this one (with Vine runs also on Linux). Second Windows program for Slovak English translations is “PC Translator”.

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