How to personalize newly rented apartment
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How to personalize newly rented apartment

Few tips on how to personalize newly rented apartment (flat). Visit your local market and get:


It’s good to see that also another living form can survive in your place. Just one pot is enough.

Get new curtain and clean your window

Visit IKEA-like store and get some funny looking curtains. When you will be hang new curtain clean your window also. Dust on glass can reduce lightness of the room.

Big painting or poster of landscape

Big poster of landscape can me really relax. Buy really the biggest one you will find. It’s good when it’s green.

Salt or aroma lamp

It’s great when you will have salt lamp. When is burning candle inside it relieves ions which create very positive atmosphere in room.

Photo of friends

Print few photos of your friends and paste them with adhesive tape on the wall. For example right next to picture of landscape.


Mirrors can optically enlarge your room. Make sure you will have some in your new apartment.

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