Do you have any SEO question?
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Do you have any SEO question?

This article is about my latest innovations. First change is in how I think and second change has technology character.

As life goes I still learn new stuff because it’s important to innovate. Especially in online world where major technology change occurs every 2 years.

If you have an idea then don’t waste a time and test it

Recently I changed my attitude towards new projects. I would summarize it like:

Don‘t overthink it, don’t waste time with pointless analysis, just realize it with as low cost as possible.

I love user generated content (UGC). Question and Answer (QA) websites are one sort from this category (I’m sure that you know QA giants like or Yahoo Answers).

I would like to have fraction of a revenue pie generated in this market. Few days back I found Question2answer – CMS focused on QA. So what I did? I immediately registered domain and installed Question2answer on a free hosting.

This is way how I can test an idea with as low cost as possible. Normally I would spend waste my time with competition analysis, thinking of  what if… I realized that if you are creating websites smart way, risk of being unsuccessful is very low.

I decided to create club (community) answering SEO questions where everybody can ask whatever he or she wants to know from search engine optimization industry and the community of experts will answer them (at the beginning it will be only me – the expert :-).

Always set program maximum and program minimum

I learned that if you want to succeed you must set the goals. Everytime set a program maximum and program minimum. On the example of SEO questions club:

  • Program maximum: I will work on a project (quest posts, promotion and link building) and I will create a community which I can later turn into something bigger like forum for example.
  • Program minimum: I will not dedicate time to this project and after 2 or 3 years of renewal fees I want to close it. I will have a website from beautiful niche with some UGC, backlinks and domain with a nice history which still can be sold on Flippa.

Program maximum and program minimum is set correctly when both version of scenario (most positive and most negative) end up with win situation.

We have a new generic TLDs, hooray!

What is last big thing in my industry as well as my latest technology innovation? Now, we can see “domain is already registered” message for even more generic TLDs, hooray!

ICANN started program under which everybody can run its own generic TLD. Basically your company need “just” $200k for an application fee and then some trustworthy history as a guarantee that it will be able to operate assigned domain name in long term period.

By September 5 we have 371 new TLDs which are operated by 186 registrars and 2,126,853 of new generic TLDs were already registered. I took these numbers from website called It’s a tool which I use for watching of new top level domains performance. – my experiment with new generic TLDs

Using I found  that the most popular new TLD is .club. I decided that it will be way how I enter this new ocean of opportunity. It seems that .club will be widely accepted and therefore I registered

So don’t forget to innovate or even better – BE FIRST WHO INNOVATES. And now you also know where to ask if you have any SEO question 😀

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