Do a research before buying a domain name
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Do a research before buying a domain name

When purchasing a domain name, it is important to also view what is included with that purchase. In some cases, you are only purchasing a domain name and no additional services. Registering a domain sets you in a forward path to building an online reputation and presence.

Along with finding the best price, combining the purchase of the domain name with additional services is ideal. This helps save money with bundling, and the additional funding can go to a different element of business development.

Compare Domain Only Pricing

Before examining bundles and packages, view the pricing through several providers for domain only registration. Some may offer rock bottom pricing that is hard to pass up. For some, simply securing a domain name for use at a later time is what is sought.

In those instances, purchasing the domain name for just one year, to start off with, is ideal. This measure is ideal for those that have a vision but do not have anything concrete in the works.

Compare Domain plus Hosting Pricing

Combining a domain purchase with web hosting and other services, such as website building, is an advantage. It is an advantage because you work with one company. This helps reduce the confusion if and when an issue may arise.

In the event of a security breach or server outage, a single phone call is far easier to make than several in an attempt to find out which service is having the issue.

View Renewal Information

It is important to keep reminders set as to when domain names need to be renewed. You will get email notification from the registry service as the time gets closer too. Knowing when you have to renew your domain name is important.

A single interruption of service to your consumers can result in a large loss of reputation as well as revenue as consumers will source a different option to satisfy their needs.

In some cases, a price break may be offered to renew domain names if you purchase multiple domain types such as .org, .net and .biz, as examples.

You may also receive offers from registry services with special pricing if you wait a little closer to the domain registration end date as well.

View Length of Ownership

Every service has multiple price brackets for purchasing domain names. It is important to view the term for which you are purchasing ownership. The cheapest domain name registration price is likely to be for just one year.

One of the benefits of purchasing the domain name is that you will be notified prior to the expiration of the domain name so that it can be renewed. It is ideal to purchase the domain name for as many years as possible. This helps prevent any hiccups or disruption to your website’s traffic.

Purchasing a domain name is the first step in creating an online reputation as a business or service. When selecting the domain name, make sure that it coincides with your business name and that it is easily recognizable.

Consumers will confuse your website with another if the domain names are too similar. Always be as unique, but true to your brand, as possible.


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