What are the best sources for outsourcing?

What are the best sources for outsourcing?

If you have a growing small business, your IT requirements are growing as well, and this places greater demands on a company's resources. A small company can often handle IT issues in-house, but as your company grows from a small to medium size firm, you need to give consideration to having this work outsourced. The following are three reasons for doing this.

To reduce present and future costs

Every business owner and operations manager knows that outsourcing is about saving money, but this is usually related to saving money on current costs. One example would be a particular aspect of manufacturing being outsourced. However, in the area of IT, you are not only looking at the costs you have today, but also the costs that you will incur in the future as the business grows.

An expanding company may need a different type of technology that is more suited to its size, and by having IT outsourced, there is not a lot of time and money spent on discovering the right solutions to new IT problems, or the learning curve for employees implementing and maintaining this new system.

To remain focused on your core products

Although IT is important to the success of a business, chances are it has little to do with the core product or service that your firm offers. Much of the time and effort involved in creating, implementing and updating an IT system is a distraction from company's marketing and product development.

As the demand for IT grows, there will be a need to invest in new capital equipment, but it also means hiring more people to implement and manage this equipment as well as the system that surrounds it.

An IT outsourcing firm has the skilled professionals needed to expand your IT system quickly. This enables you to dedicate your work force to efforts that relate directly to your business's products.

To compete with larger firms

If you are operating a mid-sized firm, you may have your eyes on a competitor that is much larger than your company and have a desire to successfully compete with them. Large companies often have a robust IT department that has been developed over time, in-house.

In order to successfully compete, your company will need something equivalent, but the time and money it will take to achieve this is prohibitively expensive. This, of course, will only hinder the present growth your company is realizing. However, by hiring an IT outsourcing service, you can have what the larger company has.

This enables you to focus on competing directly with a larger competitor without the need to slow things down and develop your own IT system.

So, what are the best sources for outsourcing?

In order for your growing business to keep growing and reach the next step, you will need a better IT system, but there is no need to stop and create your own department.

It is possible and desirable to outsource this need to a professional company. There are many IT outsourcing firms that provide services to medium sized companies.


In my experience, the best way to find a company to outsource IT is to look at:



I consider Freelancer.com as the cornerstone of today outsourcing industry. Portal was founded in 2009 and and had an IPO in November 2013. At the time of writing this post number of registered (not active) users was 17,476,667 with 9,110,584 projects so far. Freelancer.com is based in Sydney.

Company holds portfolio of interesting online assets. Its sites include Freemarket.com (website marketplace competing Flippa.com) or Warrior Forum, forum focused on online marketing founded in 1997 acquired by Freelancer in 2014.



Guru.com is a freelance marketplace founded in 1998 with headquarters in Pittsburgh. They have 1.5 million members worldwide, completed more then 1 million jobs with $200 million paid to "gurus".

UpWork.com (formerly known as oDesk.com)


UpWork, formerly oDesk, is another outsourcing portal where "businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely". In 2015 they rebranded as Upwork. Company's current head office is in San Francisco. Upwork has 9 million registered freelancers and 4 million registered clients. 3 million jobs are posted using this platform annually.

Social networks

You may find an apropriate company using search box in social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn. LinkedIn is especially suitable for this, since it is a social network for businesses. Acora is nice example of this type of company. Deciding to outsource IT can help you to expand your firm.

I hope this article will help you to orient in outsourcing industry. Let me know your opinions in comments below the post.


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