Price for Ultimate website due diligence report – 19.99 USD

Sufficient report in 80% cases (Websites under $20K). You will get website analysis focused on spam, scam or fraud possibility and the seller’s “quality”.

You will get report containing information about website:

  • History (2 tools)
    • Did domain expired?
    • How many times?
    • Age of the website
    • How does site look like in the history
  • Uniqueness of the content (2 tools)
    • Is content unique or duplicated (Plagiarism Check)?
    • Is the content human made or it’s software spin?
  • Analysis of the backlink profile (5 tools)
    • How many backlinks do site have?
    • Which kind, determination of the quality
    • Number of referring domains sorted by category: .edu, .gov, country
    • Number of wikipedia backlinks (internal wikipedia backlink counter)
  • Website competitors (2 tools)
  • Technical background (1 tool)
    • IP address
    • DNS server
    • Hosting
    • Country
    • CMS if any
  • Traffic (2 tools)
    • Sources
    • Estimated size
    • GA (Google analytics) analysis
  • Due diligence of the website seller (2 tools)
    • Activity on SN (social networks)
    • Seller’s others online properties (usually very interesting info, internal tool)

In general, due diligence report tries to find out answer on questions:

  • Is the seller SCAMMER?
  • Who’s the seller?
  • Can be claimed income real?
  • Can be claimed traffic real?
  • Does the page use any known SPAM technique?

Price for Extra website due diligence report – 59.99 USD

Do you plan a bigger deal ($20K+)? You’ll probably need something more comprehensive. There is huge mass of data in the internet ocean and I like to swim. Really deep due diligence report takes a time and it requires higher price.

Why to order website due diligence report?

Why you should order such a report? Because I know a lot about website analysis, read this article: Website due diligence: How to avoid scams on Flippa.

How to pay?

Send the money to this BTC address 1CmGatdTHXHLmvXMZt8hqEVNFvyb7m76US and drop me a message using the site’s contact form.

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