I bought IYQK.com – 4 letters tablet friendly domain, perfect brand for viral website
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I bought IYQK.com – 4 letters tablet friendly domain, perfect brand for viral website

I want to share my yesterday bargain. I got IYQK.com – 4 letters domain, perfect brand for buzz or viral video site.

1. Step: Domain analysis

How do I analyze if previously registered domain is safe to buy? I usually start with Domaintools. Domainstools says that IYQK.com has 5 registrars with 4 drops. It means that it was registered 4 times before. This is short definition for purpose of this article when is previously registered domain safe to buy:

Previously registered domain is safe to buy when it has no spammy backlinks or was used no abusing way.

If you are buying domain name which was previously registered then you exposing yourself to the risk that domain was used for spam or other black marketing techniques. Next what I did was to google out if there is any bad reference connected with domain. Enter to Google: domain.tld fraud OR spam OR scam OR abuse. It seems to be clear.

2. Step: Check backlink profile

If domain of your interest was registered before, there is change that it will have active backlinks. You can check their quality with tools such as Opensiteexplorer.com, Ahrefs.com, Majesticseo.com or Webmeup.com.

Tool№ BLNote
Ahrefs.com4I don’t use them often, but they returned best results. Ahrefs.com found 3 Chinese anchor text backlinks 🙂
Majesticseo.com32 of 3 has Chinese anchor text
Webmeup.com2This tool is new kid on the block. They found same links as Majesticseo.com.

Backlink profile in conclusion

Domain have very low amount of active backlinks. 3 of them are coming from Chinese websites. It seems that previous owner of domain was domainer from China. In China are very popular number DNs such as 1334.com or few letters DNs such as pppp.com. While we live in globalized world, I do not consider few Chinese backlinks as negative factor. IYQK.com is clean.

IYQK.com – perfect domain for viral website brand

This unexpected deal came at right time. These days I deeply investigate how to build a profitable website based on vital and buzz marketing. IYQK.com sounds as totally perfect brand for such web.

During analysis of deal I used dozen different tools and services. It’s really fast to type-in into any form 4 letters domain name. I also like that it is .com property. I consider it to be heavy smart phone and tablet friendly (android and iOS has virtual .com key which speeds up process of manual URL dialing).

3. Step: Set up hosting

Recently I discover free hosting called 000webhost.com with 1500MB disk space and 100 GB/month bandwidth. IYQK.com is great opportunity to test their services. I pointed DNS records to their servers and I will start with initial development there. I don’t consider being a wise when money are spent on unnecessary costs (paid hosting) for a project that is in stage of an experiment.

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